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Here are a few reviews from our past buyers!
We love seeing how horses we have sold are doing in their new homes and families. If you have purchased a horse from us we would love for you to reach out and let us know how they are doing!

Phoenix was sold spring of 2022 and is doing great with his new family!

Words from Lyle Hardy-

10/10 recommend Rachel for purchasing a horse. We bought Phoenix sight unseen (Spring 2022) and took Rachel's word for the best fit for our 9-year-old daughter who we described her riding style/abilities to. Rachel paired us with Phoenix and he is just the best horse for my daughter and we are forever grateful!

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Christine Wilson bought Digger spring 2023! Here are her words! 
After losing my right hand man a few years ago in a tragic accident, I spent years searching for a replacement. We ranch (branding, gathering, doctoring etc) rope for fun and competition and pleasure ride....with 4 kids and a grandkid, finding the perfect blend of a work horse and a family horse seemed impossible. I stumbled upon TR Livestock's link on FB one night  and loved how professional all the videos and descriptions were, so I reached out to Rachel with regards to Digger...a bay roan she had posted. Her professionalism and quick response was a breath of fresh air. She was honest about the horse & willing to answer any and all questions I had. When she brought Digger to me (amazing by the way!) he was everything she described and more. Digger had some big shoes to fill, and he has done that and more!! We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us, we look forward to many years with Digger and doing business with you in the future..


Deb bought Doc (domino) early spring 2023 and bought Ringo (rockstar) Spring 2023! Here are her words! 
Purchasing a horse online can be stressful, and perhaps even risky. So how fortunate I was to have found TR LIVESTOCK on an equine auction site. I reached out to Rachel inquiring about a quarter horse gelding of hers and via text and phone calls, she answered all of my questions. I did purchase that gelding and Rachel put me in touch with one of her shippers, (Sammi Majors at Outwaugh Transport - 5 Star Service as well!)  Because of weather conditions, I had to rearrange shipping dates and locations several times. Rachel was so accommodating and helpful with getting him shipped, even though it took a couple weeks to accomplish. I ended up purchasing a second horse from Rachel, a Gypsy Vanner gelding that she personally hauled from Texas to the Dakota’s. As it sometimes happens, the first gelding was not a good fit for me. I kept in contact with Rachel and she went out of her way to find me a better fit. As hard as it was to accept that the first gelding was not working out, Rachel was incredibly kind and understanding. I did trade out to a different horse and this gelding exceeds my expectations, being exactly what I was looking for and then some. If you are in the market for a horse (or two) I highly recommend TR Livestock, you won’t be disappointed. But if you are, you can be certain Rachel will do all that she can to make it right.


Malinda Hefel Kramer Bought Cowboy Fall of 2021
Bought Cowboy about a month ago and he couldn’t be more perfect, Rachel was easy to work with and even arranged special transportation to get him to me quicker. Her prices are more than fair in this market as well. Will definitely be back in the future!


Katie Stolzman Bought Remy October of 2021 
TR Livestock - Rachel was wonderful to work with. She took her time and answered my all my questions on what was to be our next trail horse, then when we got there I changed my mind due to size. She got another horse out for us to look at and answered all my questions on that one too and even humored me when I asked about loading in the trailer (my previous purchase is still a trailer loading nightmare.) Her response was lets go see how he does it, I've never self loaded I lead them up in there. Remy jumped up in the trailer and looked back at her like now what do you want me to do. He is so easy going and absoultly everything she said he was. Rachel definitely paired me up with the right horse. I still can't believe he is mine!! Thank you again for working with me.


Leroy Sandberg got Sunrise from us august 2021 

Rachel will work with you if your.not happy!! over 6 months and was willing to take a horse back and bring another to more of my liking! Thanks again Rachel


Chanda Harrison Purchased Miami from us springs of 2021.

I would highly recommend TR Livestock. Rachel was great to work with and answered all my questions. She even got transportation arranged! I bought a 4 year old mare from her and I just love her! She was everything that the description said she was. I had been burned in the past by other sellers and so I was a little gun shy buying a horse without physically seeing it and riding it! Rachel made me feel good about my purchase and they even have a return policy after a week of trying them out if you are not happy! If your looking to buy with reassurance then TR LIvestock is your best bet!


Maddisyn Farmer bought Jet from us spring of 2021.
I definitely would recommend! I bought a horse from Rachel and he is what his description said! He is a super easy going horse that is so consistent on the pattern that I truly get to go have fun on! I have even gone on multiple trail rides and have had no worries while out there! To top it off he has the sweetest personality and super easy to get along with! Definitely worth getting a horse from them!


Zach Novak Bought Gypsy from us Sping of 2020!
Would highly recommend buying a horse from Diamond Horse Ranch. We purchased Gypsy from Diamond Horse Ranch May of 2020 for our 11 year old daughter.


Allyson Gritzuk Purchased Sassy fall of 2018.
She answered all my questions and was super helpful and made everything easy for me. They got back to me fast about any questions or concerns that I had. She was even cleaned up really nice when I went to go look at sassy! Sassy is a great horse who had great start to training. She was trained perfectly for me to start her in any direction I wanted to go in. She is just so well mannered for being a 3 year old! Super pleased with the service and the horse that I got!


Sarah Olind purchased Roany from us Fall of 2020.

The most honest horse trainer/seller I have ever dealt with!! My husband purchased a roan from Rachel, and he is my now go to ranch horse! She was 100% honest about everything he knows, and everything he’s done. Highly Recommend!


Sam and Kris O`Rourke bought Acadia (Rachel) June 2018 and they are loving her!
I wanted to Thank you for our little Rachel (which we named after you). We absolutely fell in love with her when we met her. We wanted a horse that was gentle enough for our 6 yr. old daughter, Quinn, who is just getting started in her riding career. Rachel is the most loving and gentle horse we could have found. Everything that you said about her was right on the money. She is not spooky, she has moves very easily when smooched and just has a great personality. She loves to be loved up on, which all little girls just love to do with her. All summer long we went to Play Day’s and she done great around other horses and in the arena. I highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a kids horse. Thank you Sincerely, Sam, Kris, Quinn & Charlee O’Rourke



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